Give a gift with purpose this Christmas that doesn't go to waste

Christmas – a time to spend with family, feast on roast turkey, enjoy the festive atmosphere and of course, receive presents. The issue many of us have this time of year is what on earth should I get someone? It's that very thing that results in us getting gifts without purpose, that become unwanted and inevitably get put away in a cupboard, or worse, thrown away. Find out why ENJO can provide something meaningful and useful this Christmas.

Family celebrating at Christmas

Over the last couple of years, there’s been a noticeable shift in consumer spending habits at Christmas time. Instead of people looking to get luxurious gifts for their loved ones, attention has turned to spending MORE on the things that really matter – high quality items, family, and improving our home environments.

This year, your gift giving can also be focused on this – giving your loved ones high-quality gifts that support a simpler life, and things that benefit their home environment (and the Earth!)



Imagine if this year you could give the gift of better health, not only to your loved one but their whole family.



  • The elimination of toxic chemicals

  • Fewer skin and breathing reactions while cleaning

  • Zero residues left on surfaces that are touched frequently

  • Fewer toxic chemicals washing down the drain and into groundwater/waterways

  • Better air quality


According to’s survey of 2,009 British adults, it’s estimated that over 21 million (50.77%) of us receive at least one unwanted gift each Christmas. Of those who’ve received these undesired gifts, they receive three on average. That’s three too many! How much are we spending on these unwanted gifts? Any amount is too much, but it averages out at £41.70 being spent on each of these disliked presents. That comes out at an estimated £5.03 billion that’s going down the drain.

Christmas waste


This year, you can give ENJO gifts that are MORE than just gifts and will most definitely be used for the long term. ENJO helps to bring a simpler routine to your loved ones by giving them easy solutions to their cleaning challenges. Daily tasks are made easier, time is saved, and they won’t be traveling down the cleaning aisle in stores for 3 years.

ENJO’s quality means that they’ll get 6x better results with tools that they wash and reuse, again and again.

Gifts with purpose



Giving gifts with a purpose

Christmas time can be a wasteful one on its own, and can be EXTRA wasteful when considering the overall problem of returned merchandise.

If you’re one who buys gifts thinking, “they can always just return it”, there’s some bad news that goes along with this: According to Forbes magazine, nearly 5 billion pounds of retail returns will end up in landfills annually.

With ENJO, not only do gifts have purpose within the home (which ensures their use for at least 3 years) but they will never hit the landfill site. All returned items, either during or at the end of their 3-year lifespan, are taken back to Austria, where ENJO has them recycled.



Wrapping presents sustainably using ENJO

Packaging is a major contributor to waste during the festive season, when our average household waste increases by 30%. (1) In the UK, it’s estimated that an average 3 ½ trash bags of extra packaging is thrown out per household during this season. This has a significant impact on the planet – not just from the waste accumulating, but simply from the resources required to manufacture all of this packaging.

ENJO’s commitment to low and no packaging runs from start to finish: Your ENJO is shipped from Austria in minimal, fully recyclable and plastic free packaging, and is delivered to you or your loved one with minimal packaging as well.

Want to reduce waste and packaging even more? Use sustainable gift wrap, or none at all:  Wrap your gifts in ENJO Tea Towels, ENJOfils, deliver festive bottles wrapped in an ENJO Glove, decorate with natural elements such as raffia, pine sprigs etc.


When you give ENJO, you’re also giving your loved one access to a community for all of their questions to be answered, and personal consultation to help them solve their cleaning challenges.  Our ENJOpreneurs are committed to providing personal, caring service. They are focused on ensuring that every ENJO home is getting the best results, and is reaping all of the benefits of cleaning with just water.

So if you’re worried that the person you want to give ENJO to as a gift won’t know how to use it, fear not! Our support, whether it be via a Demo, a one-to-one, or over the phone, means that everyone who receives ENJO this Christmas can be safe in the knowledge that they’ll be able to get maximum use out of it.