Climate Change - What will COP26 achieve and what can WE do as individuals?

There’s been a lot of fanfare and news this past week regarding the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. It’s become clear, without mincing any words: The climate crisis has become more difficult to ignore, urgent action is needed, and this year’s historic summit has many around the world sitting up and taking notice. Many of us “regular citizens” have been watching and thinking, it’s great that they’re talking about this, but what can I do?

David Attenborough Delivering A Speech At COP26 Climate Summit

Just 6 years ago, the Paris Agreement was signed, with a shared commitment to keep global warming to well below 2 degrees. However, it’s been shown through extreme weather events, as well as through the climbing carbon levels, that more needs to be done, and the UN needs to take more urgent action. 

Flooding in the UK

It’s become clear, without mincing any words:  The climate crisis has become more difficult to ignore, urgent action is needed, and this year’s historic summit has many around the world sitting up and taking notice. 

Many of us “regular citizens” have been watching and thinking, it’s great that they’re talking about this, but what can I do? 

“We can all make a difference, in our own small ways”  Johannes Engl, ENJO Founder

If you’re someone who cares about the planet and its future, you should know that your actions, your daily home and work habits, purchasing habits, and even how you clean your home can make a big difference. 

The little things we do in our homes matter. Whether you’re actively working towards reducing your food waste, saying no to single-use plastics, lowering your household’s footprint or helping conserve water & energy use — the decisions we make daily impact the world around us. You have the choice to use products and services that are beneficial to the planet.  

Is ENJO really an environmentally-friendly way to clean?

It’s almost impossible to create a product that does NOT create an impact on the Earth, but ENJO continually works on it. We take great care in the details – from how our products are made to where they end up when they’ve been used.

Here is how. 


Carbon Neutral Production at ENJO

Climate change is a serious problem, caused primarily by the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by industry, and changes to the Earth’s ecosystem through activities like deforestation.

In 2015 ENJO International signed the Carbon Neutral Alliance, committing to continued activities and monitoring to ensure that ENJO’s carbon footprint remains neutral. Many practices within the company reduce emissions overall, and the minor footprint created by the company is offset by their reforestation projects in Nicaragua and other countries.  


Locally sourced materials from Austria

ENJO’s unique fibre was innovated in Vorarlberg, Austria, a region often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of textiles”.  The textile industry in this region is deeply rooted in hundreds of years of traditional quality, while also keeping sights focused on a benefit to the Earth and the future.  

With over 200 companies in the area belonging to the textile industry, materials used to make ENJO products are locally sourced from carbon neutral suppliers in the region, reducing transport and lowering our impact on the environment. 



Carefully considered transport of ENJO materials

ENJO products are made at our carbon-neutral facility in Austria, but ENJO is available in more than 25 different countries around the globe. ENJO chooses environmentally-responsible transport options such as by boat and train for as much as 70% of their shipping needs.  



Sustainable cleaning at home

ENJO’s cleaning products are extremely durable, carefully handmade and undergo individual quality checks. This level of quality means you can use the same cleaning products for 3 years, eliminating household waste from tasks that you perform every single day.


By using reusable cleaning products, you can reduce the need to continue purchasing cleaning products and replenishing your supplies for up to 3 years at a time. 

This eliminates not only household waste, but also the energy and emissions associated with the production, purchasing, shipping and packaging of new products.



Protecting local waterways by cleaning chemically free

Cleaning with ENJO means cleaning with fibres and water only. This means that, while cleaning is now safer for your home and family, it’s also kinder to the environment.

No chemicals going down the drain means less toxic elements in wastewater, groundwater, and our precious lakes and streams.  This protects our freshwater sources, while also protecting our plant life and wildlife, ecosystems and food chains.   




ENJO Fibres are made from quality raw materials that have the Oeko-Tex stamp of approval. 

Oeko-Tex is a worldwide independent testing and certification system for raw textiles, they put the raw textiles through their paces to ensure they are free from harmful and toxic substances.

Extensive product checks and regular company on-site visits also ensure that the industry has a globally sustainable awareness of the responsible use of chemicals.


ENJO has ISO 14001 certification. This is an environmental management system certification that maps out a framework for organizations to follow. The framework helps identify, prevent and reduce a company’s environmental impact. Promoting sustainable business operations and improved waste and energy management for future generations.


moistening fibre with pumpbottle 01

Water is a precious resource and reducing our water waste at home is an important part of being green. Around 80% of the water we use at home is wasted, and by switching to ENJO you’ll be reducing household water waste. ENJO’s Wet, Wipe + Dry process reduces the amount of water needed to clean, while also eliminating the need to rinse. Simply fill your Spray Bottle and spray the surface, or your Glove, to clean as you go. No buckets, and no rinsing chemical residue. And naturally by using cold water (compared to hot), much energy use is eliminated as well.



No Landfill Waste - All ENJO Fibres Can Be Recycled

According to Statista, the UK is a major contributor to the plastic waste problem.

Every year the UK generates more than two million metric tons of plastic packaging waste. This equates to roughly 36 kilograms of plastic packaging waste per person. The quantity of plastic packaging waste collected per UK household averaged 20.12 kilograms in 2019.

The recycling rate of plastic packaging waste in the UK currently stands at 43.8 percent. However, due to inadequate recycling facilities and infrastructure, household plastic packaging that is collected for recycling is often shipped abroad. In 2020, UK exports of plastic waste totaled 0.54 million metric tons, with the majority sent to Turkey.

ENJO strives for a zero waste process with their cleaning products, eliminating disposable sponges, cloths and wipes, as well as excessive plastic bottles and packaging. ENJO Fibres do not go to landfill after their 3 years’ use, but instead are returned to be shredded and recycled into a new life as agricultural sheeting, playground equipment, insulation and car seat stuffing. 

This is the same fate of scraps and cut-offs at ENJO International in Austria: all scraps are shredded and recycled.  

Thinking of making the switch to a more earth-friendly cleaning routine?

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