What To Look For In A Floor Cleaner

What To Look For In A Floor Cleaner




If you’re looking for a top-performing floorcleaner that can handle a variety of surfaces, look no further than our very own ENJO Floorcleaner and Fibres! They make cleaning your floors quick and simple.

Our specially-designed Floor Fibres are suitable to use on all types of flooring. Whether you’re looking to cover a large surface area or to get into tricky, hard-to-reach corners, we’ve got you covered. As always, the ENJO Floorcleaner and Fibres clean your floors without any chemicals, just water! 


Suitable for all types of flooring

Our ENJO floor fibres can take on any surface, so you can use them all around the house (and you’ll just need the one set of hardware)! Our Fibres are also specifically designed to:

  • Wipe off stubborn dirt and stains from timber, marble, gloss tiles, granite and other flooring materials with a shiny, reflective finish.

  • Scrub dirt and stains off of outdoor and rough surfaces such as limestone, brick paving, and decking.

  • Remove built-up grime from slate garage floors and driveways.

  • Deep clean tile floors, natural stone, wood and laminate surfaces with a matte or non-reflective surface.


1. Covers more ground

Size matters when it comes to floor cleaning. Our floor Fibres are approximately 46cm x 17cm, which is about 4 times larger than a traditional squeegee mop, so they cover a lot of ground quickly. This dramatically reduces the cleaning time.

The rectangle shape of the floor Fibres is perfect for corners and other hard to reach areas. Which is great for picking up dust, pet hair and other persistent dirt particles.

2. Ergonomic

The ENJO floor system has three parts: the Telescopic Pole, Plate, and Fibre. Assembling the entire system is super easy, and requires no bending from start to finish. Watch this video to see it in action.

The Telescopic Pole is adjustable, to match the eye level of the user, which makes floor cleaning easier on your back. The extendable pole also allows the Floorcleaner to effortlessly clean those tricky areas (such as under furniture). This makes our Floorcleaner the most ergonomic on the market and also eliminates the need for a bucket and a mop.

3. Chemical-free

The smell of cleaning products is often associated with a clean house. However, most of these household cleaning products contain chemicals that are harmful to your health. These products emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These are toxic gas compounds that mix with the air we breathe inside the house. We also have direct contact with some of these harmful chemicals on our frequently used surfaces (such as the floor). This is particularly true for children and pets, who spend lots of their time on the ground.

Exposure to VOCs has both short-term and long-term effects on the body. These are some of the ‘minor’ symptoms of too many VOCs in the air:

  • Fatigue
  • Eye and skin irritation
  • Allergic reactions
  • Headaches
  • Sore throat
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness

Chemical-free cleaning is good for everybody’s health and the environment too. If you are planning to go green and live more sustainably, our floor cleaning range is a great place to start!